Everglades National Park Passes


7-day vehicle pass


7-day individual pass


children aged 0-15

$35, $125, $200, $300

7-day commercial vehicle pass for
1-6, 7-15, 16-25, 26+ passengers

No sales tax is charged on park passes.

Park passes are required to enter Everglades National Park from our tours or rentals:

  • If you already have an annual or lifetime pass ( from the National Park Service, such as an "America the Beautiful" pass, our staff will verify it when you check in.
  • If you already bought a 7-day pass at another Everglades National Park location, such as Shark Valley or Flamingo, you can use it at our location if you show your receipt.

If you don't already have a pass, you must buy a 7-day pass when you check in:

  • If you're traveling with family or friends, or plan to visit multiple locations within Everglades National Park, you can buy a 7-day vehicle pass. The vehicle pass covers everyone in your personal vehicle (commercial vehicles require a different pass depending on the number of passengers). You can also use this vehicle pass at other Everglades National Park locations such as Shark Valley or Flamingo. Our receipt will work as your pass.
  • If you're visiting our location by yourself in a car, you can buy a 7-day individual pass, but if you later take your car to another location within Everglades National Park, the individual pass won't work, so you may want a vehicle pass instead.
  • Everglades National Park can help you upgrade from our 7-day pass to an annual or lifetime pass ( by paying the difference after presenting your paper receipt at an Everglades National Park location like Shark Valley or Flamingo. (Our office outside the Park isn't authorized to do this.)

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